Fine Art Statement


The focus of my work hinges on human perception and the dialogue between mind and matter. I am specifically interested in how we navigate space and how the phenomenology of our physical surroundings stimulates our perceptual responses. My paintings represent my understanding of the idea that our perception and our experiences are the result of a continuous reciprocal exchange between the brain, the body and the world.

I have a long-standing fascination with derelict buildings and abandoned spaces. These spaces, in their various stages of neglect or decay, offer us an opportunity to see and feel things that we cannot in the ordinary world. Through processes of decay and non-human intervention, objects in ruins gradually transform their character and lose their discreteness, they become charged with alternative aesthetic properties, and they impose their materiality upon the sensory experience of the visitor. The result is that abandoned spaces, and their ruined or discarded matter, offer alternative ways for interacting with the material world.