Fine Art Statement


The focus of my work explores my on-going interest in our physical surroundings, and how the objects they contain, stimulate our perceptual responses. I have a long-standing fascination with derelict buildings. More recently however, my attention has been drawn, unavoidably, towards the careless pollution of our planet, with plastic waste and litter. I am currently exploring themes of pollution through painting and new media.

The working title for my current project is “Flotsam”. The body of work that I am developing for this is a combination of photography and painting that collectively represent a satirical glorification of litter. The photography aspect of this work has led to a collaboration with the photographer Ruth Kennedy Forsyth. Together, using waste materials as the central subject, we set up incongruous still-life compositions within natural landscape settings. The aim is to create high-impact photographs and paintings, based on these constructions, that are paradoxically visually attractive, but also contextually disturbing. My hope is that the arresting nature of these pieces (and their somewhat mocking, defiant tone) will embody a jibe against thoughtless waste that will stay with the viewer.